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Bi·og·ra·phy: a history of a person’s life

I ate a dead yellow jacket at 8 months old; knocked out my front teeth at 1; split my chin open at 4; nearly drowned at 6; and got my first kiss at 7 on the school playground. His name was Eddie. And I liked it.

Life hands us all kinds of unique experiences that can break, make and shape us.

Terri reading

My journey began in Texas, where my fondest memories include playing hide ’n seek in my grandmother’s purple irises and fishing for crawdads in the cow pond with my big brother. Oklahoma was the next stop, the place where I grew into my big feet, got baptized and bought my first car, a yellow Ford Pinto.

An ever-so-kind journalism professor convinced me to attend Oklahoma Baptist University, the place where I fell in love with reading and writing. After graduation, I worked as a radio, newspaper and television reporter. I spent a couple of years in corporate communications but got tired of hiring freelancers to do the writing. So, I marched into my boss’ office, told her I wanted to start my own writing agency and persuaded her to be my first client. I’ve been running that agency ever since.

Terri's Dog

If you want to know more about my writing life, take a look at My Work. In the meantime, below are some insights into the blessed life I live.

Things I do each day

  • Pray for my children and grandchildren
  • Read the Bible
  • Play Frisbee with my Border Collie Elvis
  • Eat breakfast and break for lunch (brain fuel)
  • Write 700 to 2,000
  • Stargaze from my front porch

AKA: “Grammar Police,” “Typochondriac,” “Punctuation Vigilante”
Personal Motto: If only life could be structured as neatly as a sentence.


ACFW Genesis Award Finalist
ACFW Genesis Award Finalist

Novel Writing

Creativity is a relentless nag. An idea for a story stalks me at every turn. So, I dedicate about 30 percent of my writing time to novel writing. It is an exhilarating job, even if it doesn’t deliver a dime just yet.

I’ve completed two Christian novels and am researching a third. My stories explore family relationships and the bonds that break and heal.

I am seeking agent representation.

Terri McAdoo Communications, LLC

I launched my writing business 20+ years ago. Companies from the healthcare, manufacturing, R&D and consumer products industries hire me to tell their stories in a credible, actionable way.

Each day, I have the privilege of writing about brilliant products and services that make life better at work, home and play. I write feature articles for internal portals and trade magazines, online content, case studies, video scripts, blogs and more. During my career, I have interviewed more than 6,500 people, from inventors to evangelists.

I am the author of two client-commissioned non-fiction books: “Legal Legends & Lore: A History of the Johnson & Johnson Law Department” and “Morris County: Birthplace of the Future.”

Adjunct Professor

One of the most rewarding aspects of my career is serving as an adjunct professor of public relations and writing at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey. It is an honor to pass on ethical public relations practices and writing and editing skills to the next generation of communicators.

Enough about me. How can I help you? Contact me.



Terri McAdoo
Phone: 908-750-4156